Boski Finishes 4th in WSOP $365 Monster Stack

2 years ago
Jeff Boski Finishes 4th in WSOP $365 Monster Stack
07 Mar


Winning the first three pots at the 10-handed final table knocked one player out of the Rio WSOP Circuit Monster Stack and gave Jeff 'Boski' Sluzinski plenty of ammunition to grab a few pay jumps toward the first place prize of $46,803.

With eight players remaining, Sluzinski eliminated another opponent when his suited big slick held up against an unpaired weaker hand. The result was another huge pot for Boski to add to his chip stack.

Sick Run

The MTT grinder was now firmly in his element. His sixth final table of 2017 and his 13th dating back to around Thanksgiving just three months ago.

"The glory, the rush, the competition, the end game," are the reasons why Sluzinski prefers MTTs to cash games, he told a vlog commenter.

With five players left, the poker vlogger sat on a 3.7 million chip stack with a total of just over 15 million chips on the table. Boski's pocket jacks were good against the small pocket pair of David Bagheri, sending the latter to the rail in fifth place and a $11,974 payday.

Oh, Those Small Pocket Pairs

Sluzinski was in control with roughly 40% of the chips at six million and only three players in his way, but the poker gods would have none of it. Losing a three million chip pot with pocket deuces to a straight on the turn was followed a few orbits later by losing a pot of seven million when Boski's pocket fives couldn't outflip his opponent's big slick.

"With blinds at 60/120/20k, 4 handed is the time to play more hands and be more aggressive," the poker vlogger explained to followers who wondered why he didn't wait for stronger hands. "4 handed, you can blind down quickly if you nit it up."

4th Place Money

Down to two million chips, Boski busted out when his suited connectors were beaten by a full house. A 4th place finish earned him $15,854 after buying in for $365.

"They were both the bottom of my range, but mathematically correct," Sluzinski told yet another vlog commenter who questioned the two hands in which he elected to shove with small pocket pairs.

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