BParis Wins Big $55 For $9,500 Live On Twitch

1 year ago
BParis Wins Big $55 For $9,500 Live On Twitch
16 May

(Photo: Tomas Stacha)

BParis is pretty big in the online poker world. Back in 2015 he became just the fifth player to win over $7.5 million in total online and broke the $10 million mark last year. He’s sitting on another $711,160 in live cashes just to supplement that. He lives in Amsterdam now, following the Black Friday melt down and streams a good proportion of his tournament play on his Twitch stream which is one of those which still continues to pull in views.

BParis started out his Twitch stream in the usual way on the 27th April, without any great expectations for his regular grind. It was going to be business as usual. but business was booming that evening and at some absurd hour in the morning he was being cheered on to the final table of the Big $55 by his live followers.

He’s now got the highlight reel up on YouTube. Where you can relive the toughest spots and tightest flips over again with BParis’ expert commentary:

"These guys are like, stone fucking idiots. I’d never insult people’s intelligence by doing this against reasonable players."

The video does say: ‘Spoiler Alert! We WON’ in the titles, so no surprises as to how it went down. But with a 50K guarantee and $9,531 of it up top it still makes for some fun high-stakes viewing. Having the Twitch set-up almost makes it feel live again. 

After the ten minutes of preamble or so we get down from 96 players to the final nine where he sits fairly middle of the pack with a little over half a mill in chips. The biggest and baddest villain is sitting behind about ~1.6m chips and the tail end Charlie has a little over 160,000 in chips and there is a decent spread of stack sizes in between.

From then on out, the game is on.

Possibly my favorite feature on Twitch is the notifications as to what the streamers are listening to – playlist of the winners. In this case the winning tune, and my new anthem, is Breakdown by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

An appropriate band given the river of the final hand, and a great song to listen to watching someone kill the game live on internet TV.

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