Casino Website in Ebony Kenney Racism Row

2 months ago
Casino Website in Ebony Kenney Racism Row
01 Mar

The Thirst Lounge favourite Ebony Kenney has expressed her disgust at an article that names her ‘Coal black Kenney’ – the popular pro streamer using the hashtags #racism and #BlackTwitter to highlight the offensive renaming by ‘journalist’ Alicia Schreiner.

The racist phrasing is part of a very strangely-written piece on aimed at Bill Perkins and his Thirst Lounge streaming team, with Schreiner – who may or may not even exist – describing how it came about and where it is headed following their recently-announced partnership with partypoker.

The ‘Coal black’ replacement wording for ‘Ebony’ has seen several Twitter fans and followers of the black female poker pro stating it is most likely a translation error – although from what language and why, and how it wasn’t noticed by the writer or an editor, is very worrying.

Fellow Thirst Lounge streamer Cat ‘catrific’ Valdes has had her name changed to ‘Feline Valdes’, lending weight to the ‘mistranslation theory’, but with the rest of the article written in equal parts vernacular and gibberish, it’s almost impossible to state for sure.

Others replying to Kenney are taking the article at face value – expressing their support for the pro facing a possibly racist description

Alicia Schreiner is named on the website as ‘our senior journalist’, her poker credentials noticeable by their absence, instead described as “Playing and knowing almost all pokies [slot machines] in Las Vegas…”.

The ridiculous ‘Coal black Kenney’ description, whether deliberately racist or a stupid mistake, has certainly out a dampener on Kenney’s spirits, just as she was finding her mojo with The Thirst Lounge…

Kenney was also in the news this week for her decision to pull out of a documentary focusing on the Poker League of Nations (PLON) stating:

“I cannot be a part of a project that involves someone who attacks/shames other women”, referring to PLON’s founder Lena Evans.

PokerTube have reached out to Alicia Schreiner and the website for comment.

Update: The editor named by the GoldenCasinoNews website, Dave Perry, may have been the victim of an ‘identity theft’ - posting on Twitter that he knows nothing of the website, its content or how he came to be named as editor of it.

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