Chris Ferguson Returns With Huge Ego!

1 year ago
Chris Ferguson Returns With Huge Ego!
10 Jun

Poker pariah Chris Ferguson has set tongues wagging again with a redo of his championship banner. The World Series of Poker Main Event 2000 champ has replaced his famous picture where he sports a Full Tilt Poker logo with a new one showing a couple of puppies. The sheer cynicism on show here is unbelievable.

This image makeover comes after Ferguson has returned to the live arena, taking part in the previous two WSOPs. Only a couple of weeks ago the poker world was shocked to hear a half-hearted apology from one of the most hated men in poker history. Now it looks as if he’s trying to re-write history by airbrushing the Full Tilt Poker scandal from memory.

The predictable backlash on Twitter was almost instant.

After keeping his trap shut for more than seven years is Ferguson going to feed his ego and try to reclaim his spot as one of the most visible poker players in the community?

Even today he still exhibits an astounding lack of awareness at how much hatred is aimed in his direction. He is totally surprised why people would feel the need to walk up to him in a casino to vent their fury.

Ferguson won last year’s WSOP Player of the Year race in only his second year back in the fold. He obviously has a taste for more but is struggling with all the bad press. Time will tell if he is man enough to give us a real apology and admit his role in the Black Friday scandal.

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