Colorado Man Lands Two $1million Lottery Jackpots On Same Day

1 month ago
Colorado Man Lands Two $1million Lottery Jackpots On Same Day
24 May

Lottery lightning struck twice in one day for a Colorado man as he scooped not one, but two $1 million Powerball prizes, after playing the same numbers for the past 30 years.

Known only as ‘Joe B’, the lottery luckster bought his winning tickets on March 25th but only came forward a month later to collect his double winnings.

The Colorado Lottery website carried the background story to Joe B’s life-changing wins in the town of Pueblo, explaining:

'Joe likes to play one play of his own numbers, and a couple more plays with Quick Picks. He bought a few Powerball plays in the morning at 7-Eleven on 926 Lake Ave, then stopped and bought a few more plays in the evening at Loaf N' Jug on 2050 Lake Ave.'  

The novel coronavirus pandemic made things a bit trickier than usual for such a big winner to get his tickets certified and paid out, but the Colorado Lottery recently received permission to operate a touch-free, drive-thru claims office.

Partially hiding his face with the massive winning cheque, ‘Joe B’ confirmed that the winnings wouldn’t be all his to do with as he pleases, explaining his wife was already on the case.

“The Boss has plans for it", he told the claims staff as he picked up his huge win.

The town of Pueblo, a steel-producing area with a population of just over 100,000, has become something of a lottery hotspot recently.

Another winning Powerball ticket – this one worth $2million – was sold at an Alta Convenience store last Wednesday and a $1million winning ticket was bought in nearby Colorado Springs the same day.

Next Wednesday’s Powerball draw has an estimated jackpot of $43million, but there’s no word on whether Joe B will be picking his same old lucky numbers or not.

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