Dan Bilzerian Denies Role Of Trust Fund

3 years ago
Dan Bilzerian Denies Role Of Trust Fund
21 Sep

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The self-styled King of Instagram Dan Bilzerian, famous for his playboy lifestyle filled with beautiful blondes, guns, private jets and the occasional high-stakes poker game, has taken to the Graham Bensinger show to talk about his poker exploits and where the money came from to fund his fun and games.

‘Blitz’ Bilzerian is never far from the headlines with his spoilt rich-kid antics, but there have always been questions about where his multi-millions comes from, with Vice magazine writing: ‘Public records reveal that Dan Bilzerian has been a party to a byzantine network of corporations, companies, and other business formulations designed to protect the assets of his white-collar criminal father Paul Bilzerian from the government.’

So, perhaps not the rags to riches poker story he would have people believe, claiming to have “turned $750 into $10,000, flew to Vegas, turned ten thou into $187,000," which is of course a thousand fold short of what it takes to fund his lavish life of yachts and jets.

But what does Dan say now, when questioned by Bensinger?

“I gave it all back,” Bilzerian says of the trust fund money. “I gave it to my brother. I didn’t need it, didn’t want it, didn’t care,” adding of his reputed $100million fortune: “I never cared if people thought if I was good… I didn’t give a fuck where they thought the money came from.”

The interview with Bensinger is broken into bite-sized chunks on YouTube, dealing with his father’s arrest, Bilzerian’s Navy Seal training, his double heart-attack at 25, his conquests and, of course, the huge poker pots he claims to have won in private games.

Winning $10.8 million in a night, losing $3.6million three times – figures you’d expect to have Phil Ivey or Tom Dwan’s name attached to in Macau’s Big Game – and Bilzerian claims he won “$12.8 million over 3 games”, leaving the money on the table inbetween sessions.

He recalls having about $18million in front of him playing heads-up, though he doesn’t name the opponent, just calling him “maniac, he’s a billionaire”, a description which brings his friend Bill Perkins to mind.

With blinds of $10k/25k, Bilzerian says that his ‘maniac’ opponent would sometimes shove all-in on the river “for like $7million”, even if the pot was only $1million - a crazy time and hugely stressful says Bilzerian, just as when the same opponent would bet cars or jets instead of chips and money!

The whole story is unlike anything most people will experience in their lives, in fact they won’t even come close to the bizarre and outrageous things Bilzerian has become famed for – although it has to be said that none of them are ever likely to further the cause of humanity in any way!

An enjoyable insight or car-crash-style viewing? Hmmm, watch it yourself and let us know in the comments!

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