Dan Bilzerian Reveals a Diversified Cryptocurrency Portfolio

3 years ago
Dan Bilzerian Reveals a Diversified Cryptocurrency Portfolio
28 Nov

Dan Bilzerian's millions of starstruck social media followers who tune in for a bit of vicarious pleasure at his playboy lifestyle have been treated to something more than photos of girls and guns as of late.

The Instagram King, trust fund millionaire, and alleged professional poker player recently disclosed how he allocates his investments in cryptocurrency. While not explicitly stating that his holdings should be construed as investment advice, it goes without saying that a number of his almost 1,500,000 Twitter fans will likely follow his lead on diversification.

While the social media maven revealed the percentages tied to each of his four cryptocurrency investments, what he didn't disclose was exactly how much capital went into Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. In a short video posted on his Instagram account in April, Dan had this to say:

"I bought a shitload of Bitcoin today. It's so crazy watching that fuc*ing shit go up."

Go up it has. We may soon see the value go beyond $10,000 for a single Bitcoin. Bilzerian certainly didn't miss the boat with regard to buying in at the right time, as the cryptocurrency was trading at less than $2K back then. Just a few days ago, the poker-playing playboy had this to say:

Of course, Bilzerian is not the only poker player who has benefited from the meteoric rise in crypto. Indications are that poker pros the world over have climbed aboard the Bitcoin investment train that shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

While poker pros are happily counting their Bitcoin and cryptocurrency profits, there are investment experts who warn against going down that path.

"You can’t value Bitcoin because it’s not a value-producing asset," billionaire Warren Buffet said earlier this year. "It's a mirage basically."

A mirage that's making investors rich. For now... at least.

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