Dan Bilzerian Plays $1/$2 Versus Poker Vlogger Brad Owen

5 years ago
Dan Bilzerian Plays $1/$2 Versus Poker Vlogger Brad Owen
20 Jun

Having a bit of fun at low stakes poker action at the Red Rock Casino was none other than Dan Bilzerian, with a few of his friends in tow that included model Sofia Bevarly.

The King of Instagram and the stunning model have been an item for awhile now, Bevarly apparently the only woman alive that could put an end to Bilzerian's playboy lifestyle. Joining them at the $1/$2 cash game was poker vlogger Brad Owen, who recaps several of the hands played in his latest YouTube video.

Anyone hoping to get a read on Bilzerian's game by watching the vlog will be sorely disappointed as it's obvious that Dan is merely passing time and not much interested in stakes of $1/$2. Brad uses that to his advantage, booking a profitable session before the game breaks up.

Owen lets his viewers know that Bevarly is "maybe the hottest girl I've ever seen in real life." His opinion of Bilzerian is positive as well, calling him a "really nice guy" and "super cool."

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