Dan Bilzerian Wins $342.000 On McGregor vs Mayweather Fight?!?!

1 year ago
Dan Bilzerian Wins $342.000 On McGregor vs Mayweather Fight?!?!
30 Aug

In the world of playboy billionaire Dan Bilzerian it might be a drop in a huge ocean, but showing off his winnings from the mega-showdown between Mayweather and McGregor is no small matter, the sometimes high-stakes poker player sharing a close-up of his $342,150 winning slip..

Never one to shy away from a photo-opportunity or a chance to publicize his hedonistic lifestyle, Bilzerian turned up in what looks to be his pyjamas to congratulate Mayweather in person on his 10th round stoppage victory over the Irish MMA star, again sharing it via SnapChat, as reported by James Dawson from Ladbible.com.

Congrats champ #MoneyMakesMoney #YouDidHaveMeSweatingThough

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It’s not clear how much Bilzerian staked on his ‘new best friend’ Mayweather in order to get back what he calls a ‘small victory’, but with Mayweather an odds-on favourite it was likely a sizeable investment. The William Hill sportsbook seem to have had their own biggest bet revealed - a $1.21 million punt netting the lucky winner $242,000 - so chances are Bilzerian’s wager dwarfed that by some margin depending on the odds he was able to get.

Bilzerian popped up this week at Jean Robert Bellande’s big game at the Aria, sitting down for some high-stakes action with the likes of Bobby Baldwin, Bellande and… Tom Dwan! ‘Durrrr’ will likely be licking his lips at the prospect of Bilzerian hitting the big boys poker tables again with his boxing winnings.

The betting market for the fight was massive, reports from sportsbooks and bookmakers across the globe calling it ‘the most-bet fight of all time’, with roughly 16 out of every 17 bets going on the Irishman. The smart money, not a phrase often associated with Bilzerian to be honest, was on Mayweather however and the bookies made a killing.

Bilzerian may use some of his new-found pocket change to splash out on his latest acquisition, his first monogamous relationship girlfriend - model Sofia Bevarly. In true romantic fashion Bilzerian explained how they got together…

"Yeah. Got a girlfriend. First time. Well, I had a girlfriend before, but I was still fucking other girls," he told Square Mile. "Wasn't exactly your storybook love at first sight. I think I fucked like three girls before her that day. We just started hanging out. She's just a little different, you know?”

Class act!

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