Daniel Negreanu Can't Take Higher Rake Jokes!

2 years ago
Daniel Negreanu Can't Take Higher Rake Jokes!
30 Mar

With PokerStars upping their rake yet again, this time on multi-table tournaments, it was time once again to crack out the old interview in which Daniel Negreanu suggests that more rake is better for poker. Turns out, this time around, Daniel may have just had enough as poker comedian and co-writer of 2011’s YouTube hit ‘Seiborg’, SrslySirius found out to his cost when he memed the hell out of the sitch with this magnificent post:

Shortly after posting it, as you can see, Daniel brought the ban hammer down and blocked Srsly from his Twitter. It would appear his skin is getting thinner in his old age.

Sure, Negreanu’s actual position was a little more nuanced than just ‘more rake is good for the game’ – in fact he was just developing a hypothetical case where pros are scared off by the rake and so amateurs lose less overall than they would with the sharks swimming around hoovering their shekels up off the table faster than the rake increase does. But you can see the video below and judge that for yourself.

What stuck in the craw of a lot of players, was that no amount of nuance can get around the tone deafness of a sponsored player coming out as pro rake in the foreground while his corporate paymasters jack up the vig in the background.

On the upside, banning Mr Sirius, put Seiborg back on our radar, so something good came out of this rake hike.

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