Daniel Negreanu’s Goals for 2018

3 years ago
Daniel Negreanu’s Goals for 2018
05 Jan

Just a week after releasing his extremely-interesting profit and loss numbers, Canadian poker star Daniel Negreanu has outlined his goals for 2018, and again it’s pretty engrossing stuff – with $2 million in profit, a WSOP bracelet and 120 hours of poker study among his top 10 ambitions for the year.

The all-time tournament money-winner starts off his latest blog by having a look at just how well he did with last year’s goals – a hit and miss affair where his failure to land a WSOP bracelet (he’d set a goal of three) hurt him pretty badly, Negreanu stating:

"The Players Championship loss stung as did the second place finish to Abe Mosseri when I was so close to finishing him off I could taste it."

Give the man his bracelet!

He is setting a more realistic goal for 2018, however, explaining to his fans:

“OK so it’s been a few years since I won a WSOP bracelet. In fact, it’s been a few years since I actually WON a live tournament! So I’m modifying the previously lofty goal of winning 3 WSOP bracelets to winning just one. Not as easy as it looks!”

An expensive business

When he released his amazing 5-year poker rollercoaster numbers last week, he claimed

“…the truth is, if a player plays the full high roller schedule and cashes for $2 million, they are all but certain to have had a losing year, and that’s before expenses.”

This year, numbers 1 and 4 on his wishlist are closely linked - Top $40 million in Live Earnings and Profit $2 million – and as he says:

“I expect to spend over $3 million in buy-ins throughout 2018 so its going to take at least $5 million in cashes to make this a reality.”

Chasing the Poker Brat

Passing the 100 WSOP cashes mark was achieved last summer in Vegas, slotting Negreanu into the gap between the record-holder and old rival Phil Hellmuth and the man snapping at his heels in the money list, Erik Seidel, so the new goal is ‘Get to 115 WSOP cashes and/or close gap on PH’.

“This shouldn’t be that difficult if I play a full WSOP schedule including maybe adding a few large field events I don’t typically play,” says the Canadian PokerStars ambassador, explaining: “It would either require 12 cashes, or just one more than Hellmuth gets".

With quite few interesting other goals on his list, Negreanu’s reasoning is hard to argue with:

“…I’m a big believer in setting hard to reach goals. Not so hard to reach that you are living in fantasy land, but not so attainable that you rate to achieve the goal quite easily.”

He admits, though, that number 10 on his list will be integral to achieving any or all of the others

10. ‘120 hours of Poker Study’

“For all these other things to happen this part is essential. I expect to ebb and flow how much study time I have, but averaging 10 hours a month shouldn’t be too difficult and be really worthwhile.”

Poker fans will be sure to have an eye on Negreanu’s progress throughout the year, and PokerTube of course will be doing the same!

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