Doyle Brunson Receives Strange Call from Police Detective

1 year ago
Doyle Brunson Receives Strange Call from Police Detective
20 Dec

Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson has had a long career in poker, he has been playing since before casinos offered poker in Vegas. In those days, Brunson would be a rounder with other legends like Amarillo Slim, Sailor Roberts and Crandell “Dandy” Addington. Sometimes he would get in trouble with the law. 

At the time, playing poker was a misdemeanor, Doyle and his crew wouldn’t even give the cops their real names, they would just pay a fine and then go back to what they were doing. 

But that was back then, Doyle is now an upstanding citizen, world renown as the Godfather of Poker, who recently retired after a half-a-century-long career. 

So it was strange when he received a call on December 3rd at 9:00 PM from a police detective regarding a guy calling the Aria poker room claiming Doyle Brunson threaten him over a gambling debt

Before you picture Doyle hammering the guy’s chip-shuffling hand like Robert DeNiro in Casino, he claims no knowledge of the situation. He seems very confused by it all, actually, and didn’t believe it was a real detective calling until he independently confirmed it. 

It could be some poor mentally ill person watching Doyle on TV and having paranoid delusions or a prank call from someone who didn’t mind wasting the public funds on bothering an 85-year-old. 

Either way, Brunson doesn’t seem too worried about it. The next day, he was more concerned with what to watch on TV. 

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