DuskTillDawn Casino Attacked by Vandals

1 month ago
DuskTillDawn Casino Attacked by Vandals
21 May

Rob Yong woke to some bad news as he discovered his Dusk Till Dawn casino in Nottingham had been broken into, with numerous windows smashed in what appears to have been vandalism rather than a robbery attempt.

The cardroom on the outskirts of the Midlands’ city – opened by Yong in 2007 and known as the home of UK poker - has been closed for most of the coronavirus pandemic.

Plans to re-open it are still under discussion, with the UK this week relaxing many of the Covid-19 restrictions, but that will have to wait until at least the damaged smoking area has been mended.

“Just came for a little check on the club – bit of bad news, had some vandals breaking in. Smoking area’s not looking too hot – some people have had a bit of a good time here,” says Yong, surrounded by smashed windows.
“Annoying – I’m not sure why people do such things,” Yong addsin his short clip of the damage.

There were plenty of responses to Yong’s tweet, with the UK poker community behind the casino owner all the way...

“That's nuts and yet you sound so reasonable still! I'd be raging insurance to the rescue... GL on opening when you're safe and comfortable to do so.”
“I'm sad to see this. I wish you all the best as we come out of the lockdown! It's so unnecessary and malicious for anyone to do this.”
“Shocking to see the Mecca of British poker damaged like this just mindless yobs.”

It’s actually far from the first time a casino has been targeted by mindless vandals, with several such incidents in the past year alone.

Last April saw rare wood carvings destroyed during several attacks at Chance’s Casino in Canada’s British Columbia province, CCTV capturing the night-time incidents.

The carvings, uniquely produced during an annual chainsaw carving festival, Transformations on the Shore, held in Campbell River every June, were left hacked to bits when the would-be thieves were unable to carry them away.

Around the same time in the USA a Max Casino bus in Carson City had a metal chair thrown through a window, while back in the UK vandals broke into the long-abandoned Southport Grand Casino on the east coast.

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