Elior Sion Wins WSOP $50k PPC For $1.4 Million

1 year ago
Elior Sion Wins WSOP $50k PPC For $1.4 Million
07 Jul

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In for $50,000 out for $1.4 million

There were a nice round 100 players on day one of Event #62: $50,000 Poker Players Championship, making for a prize pool of $4,800,000 and a first place prize of $1,400,000. They were all there to play a six-handed eight-game mix against the best in the world, and after four days of play, that hundred had been cut down to a final table of just six.

Along the way just about every bust out was a big name: Johnny Chan, BertrandGrospellier, Jason Mercier, Phil Hellmuth and David “ODB” Baker all fell by the wayside on the way to the fifteen players who made the money at the end of day 3.

Day four saw the end of James Obst (15th - $77,320), Mike Matusow (12th - $97,328), and Scott Seiver (9th - $125,142). Ending with the elimination of Shaun Deeb in 7th place for $164,286, and leaving a final table of: Ivo Donev (2,990,000), Johannes Becker (4,560,00), Daniel Negreanu (5,930,000), Elior Sion (4,750,000), Paul Volpe (1,570,000) and Isaac Haxton (5,205,000).

Negreanu’s Final Table, Again

Daniel Negreanu was the big favorite going in, not just because he is one of the finest poker players alive, and because he had the chip lead, but also because he’s been blue-balled all series: this is his 4th final table, and his 8th finish in the top 20 this year; but he still hasn’t nailed that bracelet down. He tweeted at the start predicting a Gold bracelet by the end of the day.

Unfortunately his final table did not start out well. About half an hour in he lost a huge pot at Stud Hi-Lo doing off almost 1.2 million in chips to Johannes Becker.

Paul Volpe was the first out in the triple-draw round when he got it in stood pat and was outdrawn by Elior Sion who hit a 7-6-5-4-2 low. He took $220,111 for his sixth place finish.

Dnegs, followed him out in the end, gettin his stack in on an 8c-6s-4c flop in PLO against Donev. 

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Player of the Year?

Negreanu bagging yet another deep run, served as another trigger for those who are suffering a great deal of Sturm und Drang over the new POY points system. A large proportion of the Twitter coverage for this event looks a lot like those below. Even Negreanu couldn’t resist making a case for his own deserts:

Sion Makes in the Promised Land

After Negreanu busted, No Limit Hold’em was the next killer round sending Ivo Donev out in 4th for $419, 337. Haxton was next in 3rd ($595,812) getting it all in on sixth street in stud with a pair of sevens against Sion’s pocket sixes. Unfortunately Sion caught a second pair on seventh street and Haxton did not.

Heads up play began at 18:22 and continued for almost four-and-three-quarter hours not ending until the 40,000-80,000 betting limits were reached.

At around 01:15 in the morning, Becker was down to just 2,220,000 against Sion’s 25,005,000. The game was Omaha hi-lo and Becker limped on the button with Qs-6s-6h-2s. Sion checked behind and the flop came 7s-5s-5d.

Sion check-raised and then bet the turn – the 9s – putting Becker all in. Becker called immediately with his made flush and a draw to a 7-6-5-2 low. Sion turned over Q-J-7-5 for a made full house and no low draw.

Unfortunately the river was a 5, giving Sion quads, the bracelet, the Chip Reese Memorial cup and $1.4 million dollars in US currency or bank drafts.

The new Players Champion expressed admirable loyalty as he collected his mountain of dough.

"I got very lucky. In tournaments, anything can happen,” he said. ‘You just have to believe, and sometimes, things can fall your way."

Sometimes they fall really hard.

Final table results:

1Elior Sion
2Johannes Becker
3Isaac Haxton
4Ivo Donev
5Daniel Negreanu
6Paul Volpe

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