Farah Galfond Crushing The Big Game???

9 months ago
Farah Galfond Crushing The Big Game???
13 Jul

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When you’re a blonde actress married to a hugely-successful poker player, it’s probably always going to be difficult to get taken seriously for your card skills, and that’s been the case this week for Farah Galfond, the millionaire wife of, well, millionaire Phil Galfond!

It’s not the other players in Ivey’s Room at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas who are giving her stick, but of course the online forumites and trolls - who have likely never seen her play, and didn’t even know she had her own rather hefty bankroll courtesy of a decade and a half of TV soap operas.

The tweeted hand which got posters’ knickers in a twist came late last week when walked into Jean Robert Bellande’s quads, costing her a hefty $360K in the high-stakes cash game.

This, of course led to her receiving lots of flak, 2+2 poster ‘vrael111’ asking:

"How rich do you have to be to give your wife a few 100k to just go and dust off at poker tables?" while ‘betgo’ posted: "Does she beat games of those stakes or does he give her money to donk off?"

Some posters sprang to her defence, ‘As2s3s4s5s’ stating that:

"Farah is super nice and actually decent at poker. You would be surprised how good the games can be in Ivey's Room."

Perhaps it was an earlier tweet which got the forumites’ feathers ruffled, when Farah finished 98th in the Millionaire Maker event at the World Series

‘Ok but is it really a millionaire maker tournament when you're already a millionaire?’

OK, so perhaps lacking a bit in class you might say, but it’s not as though it’s a lie – her entertainment career starting as young as five before joining ‘Days of our Lives’ in 1999 as the character Mimi Lockhart, a show she stayed with until 2007.

One poster telling it how it is was Kralex, who wrote:

"Unbelievable the amount of misogynistic comments in here.  It’s quite probable that Farah has more money than Galfond. She was only on one of the longest running tv shows which has been syndicated across the world."

Stars of the big soaps are always rich, and Farah Fath - as she was known before her marriage to Phil Galfond – wasn’t shy about letting people know they’d upset her – or her husband’s involvement in her poker bankroll.

Anyway, one week later and Bellande was back on Twitter revealing that Farah Galfond was in the process of taking him and others to the cleaners

I’m going to leave the final word to ‘chasepoker’, who wrote:

"Yeah no idea how the wife of one of the best players in the world who owns a business teaching players how to play poker better became good enough to play poker. I am sure NVG will work out it’s because she is too hot/not hot enough or clever/a dumb blonde. JFC people pretend to be adult humans with brains."

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