Global Poker – The US Poker Clubhouse

4 years ago
Global Poker – The US Poker Clubhouse
15 Jul

If you read any poker forum discussion about the state of the online game, there is a wishlist which many players want for their favorite playing site: US access, a range of games and buy-ins, good software and – perhaps surprisingly to some – a sense of being part of a poker community!

Global Poker, it seems, has now ticked all these boxes – and is fast-becoming the ‘USA’s Poker Clubhouse’, where the money aspect is still important, but where players feel at ease to play, comment on and discuss poker - putting the ‘Social’ back into ‘Social Gaming’ as they say themselves!

It’s pretty clear why they’ve recently been attracting huge numbers and great reviews: The SC$1million guaranteed Online World Challenge (OWC) has been running all summer and it’s been a massive success.

With only 10 days left of the festival, however, Global Poker have naturally been focusing on how to keep their new army of fans with them, and it’s a two-pronged approach, which combined with their clever ‘real money sweepstakes’ set-up, will ensure that players don’t need to go elsewhere for their poker fix.

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Active forums, social chat 

It is the community aspect of Global Poker that many feel is the reason that so many players keep coming back day after day, and the Global Poker crew explain that:

“On many sites the only things you will see in the chat box are the letters ‘wp’,‘nh’ or ‘ty’ however, not on Global Poker.”

Rather strangely for modern online poker, the players on the fastest growing site for US poker players use the chat boxes for a completely different reason. They actually chat to each other! “Global Poker is truly putting the ‘Social’ back into ‘Social Gaming’!” is the claim, and it’s hard to argue with this.

There is also a large community of players on forums such as the Global Poker 2+2 forum. Global Poker Reps engage with players on forums on a daily basis, which creates a fantastic environment where players can provide thoughts and suggestions about Global Poker - and importantly get real time access to the team for support.

Community sweat threads have also sprung up on many forums, GP staff encouraging players to bond together and celebrate the success of community members who do well.

Streaming and vlogging

Of course, you’re nothing in the online poker world these days if players don’t include you in their streams and vlogs on YouTube and TwitchTV, and perhaps the most revolutionary part of the Global Poker approach is how they continue to celebrate the live streamers who are building their brand on the site.

A previous article focused on the massive interest in streaming the OWC events, the likes of Spraggy, ModPoker and Fireburns among many others sharing their tournament trials and tribulations with a huge fanbase.

Here’s part 4 of Ben ‘Spraggy’ Spragg’s ‘Crushing Global Poker’s SNG’s’ series, which should give you both a headstart on the competition and an insight into just how popular playing, streaming and vlogging is on Global Poker...

Not content with just treading water, however, Global Poker actively looks for players streaming on their site and asks them to get in touch with them so they can help to promote the players. Recent players recently promoted by Global Poker for the first time include Natamus, Juice GG, DamHillPoker and vettmdub.

If you want the Global Poker Social Media team to promote your live stream then make sure you hit them up on Facebook or Twitter and let them know you are out there. It’s a win-win situation – not a phrase you often hear in poker!

For those who haven’t experienced Global Poker and their innovative approach to money, which allows US players to play for real money…

Here’s how it works:

  • You can play with two currencies, Gold Coins and $weeps Cash.
  • When you buy Gold Coins we give you bonus $weeps Cash free of charge.
  • Gold Coins let you play for fun, but switch to $weeps Cash and you can play for real money.
  • Cash out your winnings using PayPal.

The PayPal solution 

This now has an added bonus for players, as over on the forum, Global Poker’s spokesperson Joey announced today that:

“Effectively immediately, Global Poker will cover all fees charged by PayPal when players both make a purchase or cash out funds from our site.”

Joey added that:

“We have been trialing this over the past 24 hours and as it has worked smoothly we are officially rolling this out as a permanent feature.”

Great news for players and further proof that Global Poker aren’t just in it for themselves – so why not give it a try? You still have time to catch the last week of the OWC, including the season finale Monster Challenge SC$10,000 Freeroll which kicks off on July 23rd.

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