Hellmuth Pays Campbell’s Main Event Buy-In a Year Early

8 months ago
Hellmuth Pays Campbell’s Main Event Buy-In a Year Early
11 Jul

Phil Hellmuth has already made good on his promise to buy James ‘JCamby33’ Campbell into next year’s World Series of Poker Main Event – first offering to meet Campbell at the registration desk to make the payment and when that wasn’t possible by ponying up two $5k chips to seal the commitment!

The expensive, self-imposed punishment by the Poker Brat came about as a result of his horrid speech play, which many believe led to Campbell’s exit from this year’s event – Hellmuth giving away the strength of his hand after Campbell shoved all-in, while another player was still to act - a huge no-no in poker as Doug Polk explained in detail...

To make amends, Helmuth sportingly offered to give Campbell a second chance at Main Event glory

…the former live and online pro-turned firefighter initially unable to meet Hellmuth in the Rio…

…but the gentlemanly gesture from a repentant Phil happening anyway, Campbell now first on the list for next year’s Main Event, even as the final 26 were returning to the Rio to battle it out on Day 7 in this year’s version…

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