Phil Hellmuth Went Poker Brat Again

2 years ago
Phil Hellmuth Went Poker Brat Again
02 Jul

Phil Hellmuth reverted to type at the World Series of Poker this weekend as he went into full ‘Poker Brat’ mode – only to find himself outgunned in the offensiveness stakes as his recent Twitter post shows…

It’s not often that big Phil gets pulled up when he starts on someone, and we’re not sure yet who exactly outgunned him in the bad language/bad behaviour stakes, but it certainly rocked Phil back on his heels, his apology accompanied by a wider appeal to his fans and followers…

Of course ‘humble’ probably means something slightly different to Phil than it does to most of us…

…but it’s probably good that Hellmuth at least realises his berating of opponents isn’t a particularly good way to make friends and influence people, as we have seen many times in the past

…another 2008 blowup making the ‘best of’ Poker Brat’ compilations which proliferate on YouTube

Naturally you can’t keep Hellmuth down for long, his mind soon back on the burning question of what to wear for his Main Event ‘grand entrance’ planned for July 4th, Independence Day, and the choice is a tough one between Thor and Iron Man

…which should at least help him to defend against any other irate players he happens to piss off this summer!

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