Hellmuth Admits Mistake And Buys Camby Into 2019 Main Event

2 years ago
Hellmuth Admits Mistake And Buys Camby Into 2019 Main Event
09 Jul

Phil Hellmuth turned his Poker Brat nickname on its head last night by admitting his terrible behaviour had cost a fellow player his Main Event life and offered to pay the $10,000 entry for James Campbell to play next year’s event!

The incident which led to Campbell’s bust-out has seen almost everyone in the poker world comment on Hellmuth’s ridiculous behaviour, with Ike Haxton, Justin Bonomo and even the mild-mannered Erik Seidel calling him out… Hellmuth far from happy about some of the comments…

For those who haven’t seen or read about Hellmuth’s table rant, Doug Polk produced an excellent vlog about it, explaining exactly why the Poker Brat was in the wrong

…and Hellmuth’s sleepless night finally saw a repentant Poker Brat accept his wrongdoing, his $10k offer to buy ‘Camby’ into next year’s event meeting with praise from all quarters…

…and Campbell himself very appreciative of Hellmuth’s gesture…

…although less happy that the WSOP itself has been silent on the issue, many feeling that Hellmuth received special treatment by not facing a stiff penalty…

…but at the same time trying to draw a line under the potential personal cost of his bust-out…

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