HighStakes Online Results for Negreanu, Nanoko and Others Released

3 years ago
HSDB Online Results for Negreanu, Nanoko and Others Released
19 Dec

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Christmas arrived early for fans of the nosebleed online games this week as High Stakes Data Base (HSDB) released the winning and losing numbers of its most prolific players! And it wasn’t long before Doug ‘WCGRider’ Polk had his say on the remarkable results of his contemporaries.

The opt-out option which many players had used to hide their online cash game prowess mysteriously vanished almost overnight, giving everyone access to the highs and lows of the poker world’s biggest players - Gus Hansen, Randy ‘Nanoko’ Lew, Isildur1 and even Daniel Negreanu.

The debate has raged all week – not so much as to whether HSDB they should have released the info, but more as to who is the GOAT (greatest of all time!) online, with some sick graphs to compare and choose from – Sven Niklas ‘ragen70’ Heinecker topping the list with an average profit per hand of almost $72 (over 100K hands)!!

Polk, considered the greatest heads-up player of modern times and celebrating his 28th birthday in the podcast for good measure, dissects the information in his usual way – a mock email from HSDB stating:

"Doug, For your birthday we have decided to unlock all accounts. You are now allowed to view anyone on the site. Please enjoy. Also, do not make a YouTube video about this."

First up for Polk to check, of course, is his own graph! “1.6m – I knew this guy sucked!” before jokingly leaving the podcast after explaining that if everybody promises not to look then no-one will be embarrassed by their win/loss numbers.

The Online Big Boys

Of course, human nature says we are all going to be curious, and Polk is no exception, hurrying back to check Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom’s graphs – a $5million loss on Full Tilt Poker and $1.5million up on PokerStars.

Next up, Randy ‘Nanoko’ Lew, “one of the most legendary mid-stakes grinders… at $2/4 and $3/6” says Polk. “The problem is… when he starts to play higher stakes he’s not really in his element anymore,” claiming that Nanoko’s strength lay in “making wide adjustments across 24 tables,” at the lower games.

When Polk turns his attention to Jason Mercier, we might expect him to let loose on his well-known adversary he described this year as a “bad reg”. And what follows is as sarcastic as it gets, showing Merciers graph and saying:

"Maybe he’s some kind of sub-par reg' or 'some not-good reg'!”

Then he gives Daniel Negreanu short-shrift, showing his - $500K graph and saying “This guy for sure could beat $25/50 online” referring to Negreanu’s silly claims he could do so after only two weeks preparation.

Without giving away the whole podcast – one of Polk’s funniest in my opinion – he mentions OTBRedBaron, surprised that his win-graph only shows him about $2.5million up, as he has been a known killer at high-stakes for many years.

So, check out Polk’s video, check out the HSDB graphs and numbers and check out a who’s-who of the nosebleed stakes running for cover in the next few weeks as people get to see what they actually make, or lose, at the game!

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