Huck Seed Takes on a $100k Bathroom Prop Bet Challenge

2 years ago
Huck Seed Takes on a $100k Bathroom Prop Bet Challenge
22 Nov

Some prop bets are fun, some crazy, others still life-changing – but the general opinion is that Huck Seed’s latest $100k Bathroom Challenge is just downright dangerous… not mention almost impossible…

The 1996 WSOP Main Event champ is notorious for his prop betting, once wagering $50k with Phil Hellmuth that he could stand up to his shoulders in the Pacific Ocean for 24 hours, a bet he lost after a mere 3 and half hours submerged. And there have been more!

  • No shaving or cutting his hair until he had won another WSOP bracelet? Yep, 4-time winner Huck made a series of bets on that, and lost.
  • A $5k bet that he could defeat Howard Lederer in a ‘50 yard dash’ – Seed only allowed to hop on one leg? Sure, Huck was up for it – but lost again after seeing ‘The Professor’ on a practice run.
  •  Betting $10k that he could backflip his 6’7” frame from a standing start? Huck won this one against Lederer, again, and made $10k from it – Lederer unaware that Seed’s uncle was former acrobat who had taught him the impressive trick as child.

So, the Bathroom Challenge? If it sounds familiar that’s because a decade ago Jay Kwik won a similar prop bet with Andrew Robl, although Kwik had it easy compared to Seed’s proposed bet.

Home comforts weren’t exactly lacking when Kwik won his bet a mere 4 days in, but Seed’s attempt will not only be much less luxurious, but a tad more dangerous!

Spending 30 days in the dark, completely alone apart from one very brief ‘food drop’ per week? That way madness lies according to many…

How long do you think Huck – or yourself – would last? Answers below please!

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