Staples Bros and Perkins in New Prop Bet Dubbed Ultimate Sweat 2.0

4 years ago
Staples Bros and Perkins in New Prop Bet Dubbed Ultimate Sweat 2.0
16 Apr

Having barely given themselves time to wolf down the celebratory pizza following their incredible weight loss/gain bet against Bill Perkins, the Staples brothers Jaime and Matty have punted a chunk of their $150,000 winnings on another prop bet with the billionaire – with $150,000 in the offing if they can win again… but a $50k hole in their pockets should they lose.

Jaime and Matty, the Twitch-streaming, poker-playing siblings, won their incredible challenge in a year-long bet that most thought they had no chance of winning… Jaime dropping from 304lbs to 188.3lbs, and Matty piling on the pounds – from 135 to exactly the same weight as his big bro’.

Now the duo face just as tough a task – if not tougher – to get their body fat down to serious athletic proportions – with Jaime allowed to have surgery to get rid of the excess skin his 115lb drop has produced, and Matty posting a video outlining the prop bet…

As ever, there are experts on everything in the poker community, and 2+2 poster ‘TooCuriousso1’ appeared to know what he was talking about when the new prop bet came up for discussion…

“Sub Dexa-10%, aka actually fairly legit Sub 10%, is definitely challenging”, he wrote, adding, “It is very lean, most people overestimate what it is. Generally it is ab definition without* flexing, abdominal veins starting to come in, separated chest/shoulder striations.”

 His final verdict?

“I like Bills side a lot.”

However, as mentioned, that’s what the majority thought about the recently-finished bet between the bros and the billionaire – with Jaime and Matty upsetting the applecart on that one.

Jaime seems to be a transformed character as well as shape, and it would be foolish to underestimate just what he and Matty are capable of, and his friends, fans and followers on Twitter look set to provide masses of support…

It seems to have been a long time since Bill Perkins actually won a prop bet, and despite the 3-1 odds he’s offering here I don’t think he’s going to break his run with this one!

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