Jaime Staples Rants about RTA Software Being Offered in Poker Discord Groups

1 year ago
Jaime Staples Rants about RTA Software Being Offered in Poker Discord Groups
02 Feb

Jaime Staples has tweeted his concerns about bots messaging members of poker Discord groups to offer real-time assistance software “developed by professionals”.

The Twitch streamer called anyone using these kinds of programs “straight scum” and called for people to trace the developers through their payment portals.

Is it All Real?

Real-time assistance has been online poker’s greatest fear almost from the day it started. Once concerns over site security had mostly been laid to rest, people were worried about the prevalence of bots and later sophisticated software that gave GTO solutions in an instant.

There is still no proof that any perfect tool exists but there have been a few cases of some form of in-game assistance being reported.

Staples was quick to disagree that this is the end of online poker, stating that the reality is sites do have methods to catch players using untoward software.

“Sites have ways to detect this stuff and people can and do get banned. Just imo players have to stand up for what we think is right here!”
GTO solvers have been part and parcel of online poker for the best part of eight years now. The fact that they are painfully slow to output makes it impossible to use them while playing, but some have tried to utilise libraries of sims to at least give some help.

Fedor “iLoveCookiiez” Kruse was busted last year by GGPoker who promptly banned the German and confiscated his $250,000 bankroll. He went from being an average reg at 200NL to suddenly appearing at high stakes almost overnight.

It was thought that he had a library of thousands of sims and a sophisticated method to quickly search for the correct solution.

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