Jaime Staples - The Struggle is Real

3 years ago
PokerStaples - The Struggle is Real
24 Dec

I’m watching him live as I write and he is not only entertaining but also doing very well, cashing in several MTT’s as he live streams his Sunday session to a small section of his almost 73,000 followers on Twitch TV. His name, of course, is Jaime Staples – one of the most-talented grinder/streamers in the poker world today…but all is not well in the ‘House of Staples’ it would appear!

‘A notorious quitter’ has been a tag often associated with the young Canadian - smoking, exercise, diets – all have fallen by the wayside and the worry now is that his online exploits are starting to show signs of the same.

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Vlogs, vlogs and… no vlogs?

The currency of modern online poker videos, Staples started his video-blogging (shortened to vlog) just a few months ago, but it was as much of a struggle for viewers to watch it as it was for Jaime himself to create – a somewhat depressing lifestyle with Staples endlessly questioning his motives and not following through on his plans.

Two weeks ago, however, Jaime Staples stopped adding vlog content to his 4500-subscribed YouTube page, and in the world of poker-vlogging - with new kids on the block Kevin Martin, Jake Cody, Andrew Neeme and countless others cashing in on the up-close-and-personal approach – this has to be a bad thing.

Use it or lose it!

Talent never leaves a person, as today’s lives tream proves (to me at least) but it also requires hard work and dedication. With Staples and his younger brother Matty recently setting up a ‘grindhouse’ in Montreal with friends (including Martin) it seemed like the perfect time to push forward and spread his dedicated following wider.

Instead, Martin and others have already left the house and rumors are around that Jaime Staples might be heading to Europe with his brother – the grindhouse following today of a mere 4500 of the 70k plus he has available a sign that perhaps he needs to do more for his fans!

Festive Fun

On the plus side, he HAS made it to day 11 of his ’30 day Christmas Challenge’ and his cashes will no doubt keep him happy and streaming for at least a few more days, but for such a talented and popular man it shouldn’t be enough – carving out his niche and maintaining it will need more than fun but gimmicky Christmas shows.

Jaime Staples could be the best in all areas of poker social media, if he just became more proactive and published content more regularly…it’s what his fans want and ultimately it’s what will pay his bills as he grinds away at the game he loves.

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