Jamie Gold's Return Results in World's Greatest Fold!

4 years ago
Jamie Gold's Return Results in World's Greatest Fold!
21 Aug

When Jamie Gold took down the 2006 Main Event for $12million he may well have given birth to the phrase ‘lol donkaments’, his actual poker ability rather limited by most accounts, but he has certainly improved over the years, and his finely–honed sense of danger was certainly on show this week during Live at the Bike

With a meagre $500k in tournament earnings over the 12 years since his incredible World Series gold bracelet win, Gold has never been seen as a true poker-player’s player, but his philanthropic work using his fame to raise money for charity has been quite extraordinarily successful

Back at the poker table, Gold’s fold was up there with the best, fellow LatB player Ozzy explaining:

“Jamie has gotten better thru the years – and the second Charlie folded he told Melo, ‘U have a set’. He didn’t fold cuz of money, he folded cuz he read him like a book – props to Gold”.

“If anybody knows me, I bluff but I don’t lie!” was Jamie’s golden comment on another big hand, playing his aces like a bluff to get paid…

…but readers may remember the hilarious hand he played against Sammy Farha during High Stakes Poker… Kings versus Aces never looked this weird before!

…and Gold’s ‘skin of the teeth’ escape in another classic hand versus Farha, another one where his mouth almost cost him his shirt! He would probably have better luck with New Jersey Online Casinos.

Jamie Gold may be far from poker’s GOAT, but he is still a legend and it’s great to see him playing the game he loves, even for some free spins.

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