Jared Jaffee Calls Out Matt Savage after WPT/Venetian Poker Room Disaster

1 year ago
Jared Jaffee Calls Out Matt Savage after WPT/Venetian Poker Room Disaster
10 Mar

Jared Jaffee has hit out at the Venetian casino, the WPT and tournament director Matt Savage, claiming a “mind-numbing level of incompetence” ruined the tournament’s final table.

The reason for Jaffee’s anger was explained in a subsequent post, the New York-born pro stating:

“With 10 players remaining in the WPT Venetian $5k, the floor informed the remaining players that when we were down to 8 players the tournament would be played as 2 4-handed tables. Every remaining player objected to this since this was an 8-handed tournament the whole way through and deciding to make us play 4-handed with 8 players makes ZERO sense.”
As Jaffee noted:

“In the big blind ante format this would be crippling for any short stack.”

That short stack would be himself as he exited in 8th spot for $93,630, his 10BB shove with pocket tens outflopped.

However, Jaffee had made his complaint when sitting in 3rd or 4th place, stating:

“I wasn’t protesting simply because it would hurt me.”
He reserved most of his ire for the WPT’s Executive Tour Director, Matt Savage, revealing:

“We were told that Matt Savage had been called and he would not budge on the decision.”
Claiming that neither Savage, nor “the decision maker at the Venetian, Tommy Larosa,” would speak to the players, Jaffee lashed out.

“Honestly who the fuck is Matt Savage? Going on a power trip like this when you can’t be bothered to even show up at the venue when people are busting their ass playing for huge amounts of money is inexcusable.”

He also accused the Venetian of “passing the buck to the WPT,” describing it as “a completely spineless move.”

Describing the decision as displaying a “mind-numbing level of incompetence,” Jaffee believes it is “another example of poker venues and tourney directors showing they could not care less about the players when push comes to shove.”

Jaffee’s full post can be found below…

Meanwhile, although neither the Venetian nor the WPT have publicly commented on Jaffee’s claims, Matt Savage took to Twitter to give his account.

That didn’t assuage Jaffee’s anger, however, and he lashed out at Savage once again, tweeting:

“You are a lying weasel. The decision was made by you and you only. It was stated at least 10x yesterday that you were on the phone to make the call and would not budge. It was also stated Tommy was called and was deferring to their partner Matt savage and the Wpt. Be a man.”

While the row is likely to rage on, it was Joe McKeehen who took the chip lead into the final six, with $155,865 tied up and $752,880 up top.

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