Joe McKeehen Poker Coaching Gig Draws Criticism From Players

1 year ago
Joe McKeehen Poker Coaching Gig Draws Criticism From Players
14 Nov

He won the 2015 WSOP Main Event for more than $7 million and followed that up with another gold bracelet this past summer in $10,000 Limit Hold'em, but it seems that Joe McKeehen may not have what it takes to be a successful poker coach - at least according to some players who voiced their opinions of McKeehen on social media.

When Chip Leader Coaching announced via Twitter that McKeehen had joined the team, his likeability factor was called into question by more than a few players.

There is no denying his skills on the poker table that include live tournament cashes nearing $14 million, but McKeehen's grades for playing well with others appear to be, well, unflattering, to say the least.

A sample of the replies on Twitter to CLC's announcement of McKeehen as a poker coach:

"I guess I'll look at coaching elsewhere, joe is one of the biggest bag of dicks this side of the Mississippi"
"Not the most personable brand ambassador"
"coaching and playing are 100% NOT the same thing and he doesn’t present himself in a manner where most would want him as a friend let alone a coach"
"100% a pos, but he’s a great poker player"
"Horrible fckn choice get a clue this dude is a twat and is 100% horrible for poker."
“#JoeMcKeehen has the personality of a microwave….this smelly douchebag needs his own personality couch & a f*ckin shower.."

Some may recall that McKeehen caused a fuss last year when he blamed the poker media for earlier starting times of some WSOP tournaments. Among his Twitter posts on the topic included McKeehen's belief that:

"The players have been getting shit on because of media ever since i started playing live poker."

It was pointed out to McKeehen by many in the know that the poker media have no such influence.

Additional replies to Chip Leader Coaching's announcement of McKeehen's new coaching gig included some who were familiar with the 2015 WSOP ME winner's penchant for blocking his Twitter followers:

"He’s gonna have to unblock alotta people for them to get coached"
"I'd be surprised if his 'blocked' list was less then 4 digits."

CLC made light of the situation when they named another new poker coach, Ryan Jones, as part of the team. Jones apparently doesn't use the blocking feature on his Twitter account.

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