Jonathan Little Voter Fraud Controversy in Best Book Twitter Poll

7 months ago
Jonathan Little Voter Fraud Controversy in Best Book Twitter Poll
14 Sep

Jonathan Little is back in the headlines for the second time in a week and it’s a bizarre ‘best poker book’ Twitter poll that’s the new battleground – with alleged shady shenanigans over ‘voter fraud’.

The search for the fans’ favourite book has been running on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast Twitter feed for a few weeks now, and has reached its final.

That sees Jonathan Little’s ‘Excelling at NLHE’ up against Maria Konnikova’s ‘The Biggest Bluff’, but the voting patterns for Little throughout the 64 book heads-up tournament has been raising concerns.

The semi-final, for example, involved what Irish pro David Lappin termed a ‘100 vote dump’ in Little’s favour when behind against Tommy Angelo’s acclaimed ‘Elements of Poker’.

 Lappin did some background digging into the voting patterns and it threw up some curious numbers.

“Well if this hasn’t been corrupted, it’s a mighty strange voting pattern with ‘Elements’ leading the way in 22 out of 24 1hour blocks by ~57%/43% of the vote but then 2 blocks where ‘Excelling’ won 88%/12% where Elements 12% was roughly same # of votes as his 57% in other hours.”

Lappin’s Chip Race Podcast co-host Dara O’Kearney’s two books (co-authored by Barry Carter) lost out in either half of the draw to Angelo and Konnikova’s books.

Carter in fact responded to Seidel’s tweet, stating:

“I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but myself and other authors have noticed this trend of exactly 100 votes coming in in under a minute throughout the contest. Not all J Little books btw, but all D&B publishing books. Only reason I mention it was it was always exactly 100.”

Seidel, for those who have read ‘The Biggest Bluff’, most certainly does have a dog in the final.

The highstakes legend was Maria’s coach and mentor when the award-winning author and psychologist decided to take poker as her specialised book subject.

Seidel’s initial tweet was followed by a sarcastic:

“Contest was averaging 100 votes per hour, then JL picks up 100 straight in a few seconds, I’m sure it’s on the level.”

Little has repeatedly claimed that the big swings in his favour are likely because of his mass emailing of fans for support.

Little explained his plans to pick up the book title:

“I am going to send out an email to my list soon tonight, and again tomorrow. Both times I will pick up votes. I will stream all day tomorrow and when I mention the contest, I will pick up votes. I see nothing wrong with asking people to vote.”

The 35-year old Pensacola, Florida-born pro has been hitting the headlines this week for all the wrong reasons.

A few days ago he was banned from Americas CardRoom for bad-mouthing the site, ACR founder and owner Phil Nagy finally losing patience with Little’s derogatory livestream comments.

In what has become a bit of a free-for-all, this time the Irish Chip Race duo of Lappin and O’Kearney defended Little’s position versus ACR and Nagy on their show gthis week.

Unable to stay out of the September spotlight, however, Little is also currently involved in a 2plus2 argument with the forum’s founder Mason Malmuth

Little claims that Malmuth dislikes him because of the success of Little’s first book, which the publisher turned down, though Malmuth refutes that.

We’ll give the last word, for now, to Chasing Poker Greatness host Brad Wilson, who had an ultimatum.

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