Jordan Cristos Claims Discrimination for Tanking Antics

1 year ago
Jordan Cristos Claims Discrimination for Tanking Antics
13 Jul

Californian pro Jordan Cristos ought to be well-known for his poker play, but instead it is his slow-play at the tables rather than his $2million+ in tournament winnings which has brought him the most notoriety – and yesterday he accused fellow players of ‘discrimination’ after having the floor called on him more than 20 times

Cristos has almost single-handedly convinced the professional poker world that a shot-clock is needed at all big tournaments with his self-obsessed and self-justified ‘right’ to take as long as he needs or wants to play his cards.

Daniel Negreanu took issue with Cristos’ ‘tanking’ a while back, writing:

“if you are unwilling to respect the structure and the other players, why would that warrant us respecting the fact that you are sabotaging the structures for the rest of us?”

This time round it was Justin Bonomo chief among those to call out Cristos on his ‘discrimination’ claims, a back-and-forth on Twitter resulting, others chiming in too…

…with Cristos still claiming that he has the right to do whatever he feels necessary to play his A-game…

…even though a number of high-profile players poured scorn on his obviously selfish (to this writer at least) beliefs and attitudes…

…and Cristos’ friend Darryl Fish finding himself centre of attention for a while…

The shot-clock is not generally in use at the WSOP, although that will likely change soon as a result of Cristos, William Kassouf and a handful of others who regularly delve into deep thought even when simple, or ‘simple’ decisions are required… although as it stands, as Daryl Fish explained…

It seems that Cristos, however, is unlikely to change his habits anytime soon

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