Kings Casino in Chaos as Brawl Breaks Out During Balkans Main Event

7 months ago
Kings Casino in Chaos as Brawl Breaks Out During Balkans Main Event
11 Jul

Kings Casino in Rozvadov descended into chaos on day two of the Balkan Poker Circuit this week, what appears to be a mass brawl breaking out that saw one man seriously injured and another arrested

One witness to the incident described how chaos erupted during the BPC Main Event being held at Leon Tsoukernik’s ‘poker island’ close to the Czech border with Germany.

“I was sitting at the next table (1 meter) away. As if out of nowhere, very suddenly within 2 seconds a player got up and hit his fist on another players head five times or more”, the witness posted on the 2plus2 forum.

They added:

“Never seen something. Very aggressive. The blood is spattered all over the table. The victim fell over and the offender continued to hit him. The victim had a hole in his head.”

In the video, fellow players can be heard shouting and swearing in what appear to be Serbian accents: “Don't let him go, stop, get him”, as several players rush from the tournament floor.

Other players can be seen wielding chairs, the witness explaining:

“Furthermore, 4 other players have fought with each other. After that, the security service arrested the offender. The victim is immediately hospitalized with major injuries.”

The anonymous witness also explained:

“I've been playing at Kings Casino for 10 years. I was in the casino at that time. This incident is a shame for the casino and a reflection of the poker players there. It is not an isolated case. I've seen poker tables smashed and overturned in this casino in the past. Players are also insulted by others and often you experience aggressive behavior. The floor managers rule rarely and there are hardly any warnings.”

It should be noted that your scribe has also been to Kings numerous times over the past five years and has never witnessed such behaviour as seen in the video, or described in the forum post.

Kings Casino have yet to comment on the incident.

However, with money at stake, and alcohol often involved, casinos the world over are far from kindergartens, and there have been several violent outbursts in recent times.

Last year we reported on a wild fistfight at the Talking Stick cardroom in Scottsdale, Arizona, several views of the brawl appearing on Twitter…

Another incident this year at the Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City almost descended into violence after a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi launched a racist tirade at two black poker players.

Rap legend FlavaFlav was assaulted  in the lounge of the South Point Casino in Las Vegas, the Public Enemy star receiving minor injuries.

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