Lloyds Bank Worker Sold Account Details to Gambling Addict Who Stole More Than £90,000

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Lloyds Bank Worker Sold Account Details to Gambling Addict Who Stole More Than £90,000
09 Oct

A former Lloyds Bank employee in Birmingham, England and her gambling-addicted accomplice both escaped prison despite admitting to selling and using customer details to steal close to £100,000

Jaspreet Marwaha, a 27-year old part-time customer adviser from Solihull, admitted handing over the details of more than 80 bank accounts, charging her accomplice £50 per account.

Mohammed Saif Maqsood, from Blackburn, then used the details to swipe between £82,000 and £92,000 in total between November 2017 to March 2018, after setting up 48 separate betting accounts with Coral bookmakers.

Although Marwaha claimed 'there was an element of coercion by the co-defendant [Maqsood] who was threatening to reveal an illicit relationship', according to prosecutor Jason Avis, she was also said to have ‘laughed at the idea of going to jail for the crime.’

Mr Avis claimed that Marwaha had 'abused her position' and caused 'severe reputational damage' to Lloyds, but despite the seriousness of the crimes neither defendant was jailed.

Judge Paul Farrer QC claimed there was ‘significant mitigation’ despite stating that both were 'willing and enthusiastic participants in what was taking place'. 

The court heard defence pleas that Marwaha ‘has ruined her good name and will most probably lose her dream job,' as a Sky Sports assistant producer.

In addition, her defence lawyer, Philippa McAtasney, claimed:

"Back then she views herself as being stupid, naive and thoughtless. She failed to grasp the scale of potential loss at the time.” 

In Maqsood’s defence, Richard Butcher stated in court that his client “is terribly ashamed” and described the “root cause” as his gambling addiction, which he had been “hiding … from his family, from his wife, keeping it a secret from his close friends.” 

The court also heard that Maqsood had since signed up to GAMSTOP to tackle his gambling problems and transferred more than £28,000 to his solicitors by way of compensation.

Marwaha was also willing to repay the money, having ‘already saved £4,000 on top of the £1,500 which was seized when she was arrested’, according to press reports.  

Although £25,000 related to 45 customer accounts is still unaccounted for, Judge Farrer QC sentenced both to 22 months prison terms, suspended for two years.

Both were also handed rehabilitation orders and community service work orders, while a Proceeds of Crime Act hearing will be held later to determine how much they must repay.

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