Mike 'The Mouth' Matusow Called out for $50k WSOP Profit Bet

9 months ago
Mike 'The Mouth' Matusow Called out for $50k WSOP Profit Bet
10 Jun

Mike Matusow has hit the headlines again with a World Series of Poker offer to bet up to $50k that he will profit by at least $50k over the course of this year’s WSOP!

Borrowing Phil Hellmuth’s #positivity line, “the Mouth” soon faced criticism for his offer, a ton of vitriol aimed at Mike...

  • Do you even have 50k?
  • Watch…his backers will bet that just to cover their losses!!!!!
  • Selling 100k of action with a 1.5x markup seems like a lock.
  • I prefer to bet with people who don’t double talk angle shoot and bullshit their way out of losing bets.
  • Watch him say cash games count. Not that he would win in them or anything.

However, Matusow claims he has had only two losing years in the last 26 at the WSOP, which if true would make the bet a very profitable one should anyone take him up on it.

And there were offers, although “escrow” seemed to be the key to any deal...

Matusow hit the headlines in the run-up to this year’s World Series, his 1.3 markup offer the same as last year’s, which resulted in some serious accusations that Mike had falsified his results.

Rob Smith, aka AtariRob, looked a little closer at Matusow’s series, producing a spreadsheet (see below) and commenting...

“I couldn't sleep let’s kick this out quickly. These were the events we can verify through PokerNews that Mike played. The last event we saw on youtube that he played. 24 events, $162,000 in buy ins, $174,736 in cashes for total of $12,736 for I believe is around an 8% ROI.”

That was vastly different, and much less, than Matusow claimed, and all eyes will be peeled for this year’s numbers from “the Mouth”, who seems desperate to remain relevant in the modern poker world.

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