Molly’s Game Ups The Ante In New Trailer

2 years ago
Molly’s Game Ups The Ante In New Trailer
13 Oct

A new trailer has dropped for Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut, the true life story of Molly Bloom, athlete turned underground pit boss to the stars. You can watch it embedded below.

For years Bloom ran one of the most exclusive poker games in the world aimed at catering for the movie stars and moguls (Ben Affleck it turns out is a great tipper), business masters of the universe, and professional athletes. In the end, though as Jessica Chastain, who plays Molly in the film, puts it in the trailer:

“The government raided my game and took all of my money, assuming all of it was made illegally.”

Idris Elba plays the defense attorney hired to defend her against charges of involvement with the Russian mob, charges which appear to be not entirely unfounded.

Given Bloom’s rather uncompromising use of real names in her book the movie seems to shy away from them. Michael Cera as “Player X”, who seems to be the avatar for Bloom’s brutally uncompromising description of Tobey Maguire. How uncompromising you can judge for yourself from the interview below. You can see exactly what she had to say in this interview:


The issue of names appears to have been foregrounded in the new trailer, suggesting that a large part of Bloom’s struggle will be to do with protecting the reputations of her clients and herself. Something the real Bloom seems to have shown less concern about.

With Sorkin’s talent for turning all his character’s into rhetorical freestylers who make Cicero look like Donald Trump, and having cast the effortlessly classy Chastain in the role, the movie seems to be struggling a little to balance the glamourous side of the world with the sleaze. Chastain doesn’t ever look completely right in the mildly trashy Bloom get up despite absolutely nailing the voice.

The poker however, to the extent we get to see any, does look pretty sharp; I’d love to know how much they played on set.

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