Negreanu Calls Deeb a Cheat as Twitter Spat Enters Round Two

2 years ago
Negreanu Calls Deeb a Cheat as Twitter Spat Enters Round Two
29 Apr

The Shaun Deeb/Daniel Negreanu verbal boxing match on Twitter has gone into overdrive, with DNegs stating of Deeb:

“I don’t trust you not to angle shoot. Nor do I trust that you won’t cheat.”

This week’s falling out – far from the first between the pair – resulted from Deeb’s recent ‘Markup police’ hatchet job on the likes of Allen Chainsaw Kessler and TwitchTV poker streamer Johnnie Vibes, as we reported previously.

Daniel’s defence of Kessler led to a protracted exchange of tweets, resulting in the PokerStars man stating:

“Your goal here is abusing and bullying people. Cause it’s who you are dude.”

Deeb, one of the most-talented but least-liked pros in the game, was quick to fire back…

…which brings us back full circle to Negreanu’s tweet at the beginning of this article.

DNegs posted a couple of angle-shoot stories to back up his claims…

…and then the fight descended even further into name-calling, with Negreanu harking back to their previous bout of verbal fisticuffs, in which Deeb appeared to wish a divorce upon Negreanu, newly-engaged to Amanda Leatherman at the time.

With the duelling pros reaching an all-time low in their feud, in stepped the ‘referee’ to prise the pair apart…

…with Brandon Shack-Harris as one of the few voices of reason…

With the WSOP still a good few weeks away, there’s still time for the players to put their differences aside before they potentially meet across the felt, but there are precious few people who would bet on that happening.

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