partypoker to Reward Table Starters With Double Cashback

3 years ago
partypoker to Reward Table Starters With Double Cashback
06 Jul

partypoker’s latest innovation will see cash game players rewarded for actively starting games and keeping them running – the Table Starter Cashback promo kicking off this week…

The latest attempt to improve the site is just one of around 50 ideas that the partypoker team have come up with, many of them based on player feedback.

Other recent changes include the removal of HUDs and hand histories and the addition of MyGame, the interactive game improvement software.

Heads-up and three-handed bonus

Commenting on the Table Starter Cashback introduction, partypoker partner and Dusk Till Dawn casino boss Rob Yong stated:

“For the moment, on ring games, we will award players double Cashback points when they’re playing heads-up or three-handed." The reason behind the new approach, he says, is: “We want to reward these guys more than the people that are just looking to ‘bum-hunt’ or try and go in and out of games”.

How does Table Starter Cashback work?

A look at the details of the new feature:

  • Players have to opt-in via the partypoker client
  • Go to your ‘Offers’ option, then ‘Promotions’
  • Once you’ve opted in, you get double Cashback points whenever you play at a six-max table or higher cash game where either two or three people have been dealt cards.
  • Your extra points will be credited daily, with no limit to the number of Cashback points you can earn

Why all the changes at partypoker?

Yong explained the recent changes:

“This is one of the 50 measures that I talked about in my couple of interviews that I’ve done that we’re looking to implement. At the end of the day, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.”

The recent software update also saw a redesigned hand replayer, featuring a four-colour deck that allows players to analyse previous hands played, but not have them downloaded by opponents.

The measures are generally designed to create a level playing field, aimed at instilling a rec friendly environment while still allowing grinders and pros plenty of options to play.

Rob Yong’s interview with partypoker Team Online member Jeff Gross can be seen below, the pair discussing partypoker’s recent poker ecology moves

If you are looking for more info on the Table Starter Cashback promotion, check here.

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