Patrik Antonius Shows Off Triton Poker Trip on IG

2 years ago
Patrik Antonius Shows Off Triton Poker Trip on IG
22 May

When you’re Patrik Antonius you don’t have win at poker to be winning at life, you just have to show up. Which isn’t to say he isn’t also winning at poker, his $11 million in tourney cashes makes him the top rated Finnish player and 50th in the world by cash cashed for. Must be nice.

Though that wasn’t especially on show in his Montenegrin showing over the last week where he did off multiple entries in the Main Event.

Though not before cooling off by the hotel pool between bullets.

With that out the way he played the cash game where he managed to book a small win but he, like most of the players at this event were all about the Short Deck Hold'em.

For Patrik it was a baptism by fire, and not a very profitable one. But from his face in the video, it certainly looks like he enjoyed learning a new game. Must be nice to have Phil Ivey on hand to feed you strategy tips and the Durrrrs on hand for moral support.

This is their world, we just live in it.

With a mere HK$100k on the line it looks like Antonius wasn’t too fussed about getting his chips in their and when he did bust, he certainly didn’t look like someone who’d done off the equivalent of US$12.7k.

Instead he looked like a man who’d had a sweet holiday on the Adriatic. Next up on Antonius’ Instagram: Milan.

Must be nice.

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