Pennsylvania Judge Facing Felony Charges After Six-figure Gambling Spree With Campaign Funds

6 months ago
Pennsylvania Judge Facing Felony Charges After Six-figure Gambling Spree With Campaign Funds
15 Oct

Pennsylvania judge Michael J. Cabry III stands accused of using more than $100,000 of campaign funds to indulge his gambling habit and now faces charges of felony theft, perjury and violating campaign finance laws.

The Chester County lawman was arrested last week, three years after his re-election campaign, with Attorney General Josh Shapiro stating:

"Judge Cabry broke the law and undermined public trust in government by using campaign contributions for his own benefit."

Records found by investigators carrying out a search warrant at Cabry’s home revealed paperwork detailing, “illegal purchases include several withdrawals made at casinos in three states and filed as reimbursements to Cabry in his campaign finance records."

The casino ATM withdrawals were spread across several counties and states, including Bally’s in Atlantic City, Harrah’s Casino in his own Chester County jurisdiction, and Dover Downs Casino in Delaware.

Although the receipts on the legal complaint total just a few thousand dollars, Cabry wagered $111,000 in total following his 2017 campaign.

A “six figure win” at the Delaware Park Casino limited his losses to just $9,000 according to the criminal complaint from Special Agent Paul Dormer.

Pennsylvania AG Shapiro’s press release stated:

"Restricting how campaign money can be used helps prevent corruption. As a candidate and public official, Judge Cabry had a duty to serve with integrity and uphold the law, instead he took advantage of the trust placed in him by supporters and the public."

Cabry was released on his own recognizance and will face a preliminary hearing on October 26th.

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