Phil & Farah Galfond Are Expecting A Baby!

3 years ago
Phil & Farah Galfond Are Expecting A Baby!
21 Jun

Phil Galfond has had every player waiting with baited breath for updates on his long-awaited addition to the poker world – and when it came - it was an entirely unexpected one… he’s going to be a daddy!

While his much-anticipated RunItOnce poker site is set to launch stage one this summer, the man behind the ambitious plans has evidently been busy elsewhere, wife Farah – also a fanatical poker player – also tweeting the great news, with the humorous hashtag #itsPhils tacked on!

Little baby Galfond won’t be alone when he or she arrives around Christmas time, a host of well-known poker players or partners in the club this year, Kara Scott and Vanessa Selbst among them, as well as dad-to-be Paul Oresteen who listed a few of those expecting…

…with Selbst and Scott quick to congratulate the lovely couple on their big announcement…

Poker and chess maestro Jennifer Shahade predicted the whole thing apparently, Farah Galfond better known to many as actress Farah Fath, a recent return to her TV soap career interrupted somewhat by her pregnancy…

Of course, Phil’s ‘RunItOnce’ plans will likely still be foremost in the general poker community’s thoughts, but there’s always time to celebrate the happiest moments in players’ lives – and PokerTube send their best wishes and congratulations to Farah and Phil.

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