Vanessa Selbst Is Having a Baby!!!

4 years ago
Vanessa Selbst Is Having a Baby!!!
15 Apr

Vanessa Selbst is still the winningest lady in poker despite having semi-retired from the game to become a hedge fund manager at the end of 2017. Now it seems she’s also winning at life posting on Twitter a photograph of an ultrasound along with the cards against humanity hand: ‘Next on ESPN 2 the World Series of ____.’ - ‘A Fetus’.

Selbst and her wife, Miranda Foster, have been married since 2013 and have clearly decided that with $11 million in tournament wins and a new career in a hedge fund, they’re finally financially stable enough to bring another perfectly sculpted quiff into the world. 

Unless this turns out to be an elaborate trolling of Doug Polk’s fan base, congratulations are in order. Which is broadly the tone Twitter seems to have taken, in what feels like a rare moment of general online kindness.

Reddit on the other hand has largely been unsolicited parenting advice, and people making the same kind of Doug Polk jokes this article is guilty of.

It’s also a joy to see a prominent, public, and politically active gay couple share the joy of a pregnancy with us, even while living in a nation whose public elected an openly openly homophobic vice president. 

Keep #resisting, Vanessa, and congrats on the wee bairn.

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