Poker Finally Has a Feelgood Story as Spraggy and Marle Cordeiro get Engaged

5 months ago
Poker Finally Has a Feelgood Story as Spraggy and Marle Cordeiro get Engaged
04 Nov

The poker world is set for a new president and first lady after Marle Cordeiro accepted boyfriend Ben 'Spraggy' Spragg’s marriage proposal…

The Team PokerStars Online pro and TwitchTV streamer from England proposed to the American poker pro vlogger and co-host of The Rake podcast this week, the couple having spent the coronavirus months together.

Cordeiro described the ‘lockdown’ time on Twitter:

‘Being quarantined w @spraggy for 8 months has been effortless and the most fun I’ve ever had. All we do is laugh. Can only imagine how much fun we’re gonna have when we can leave the house I love you @spraggy thanks for finally getting a drink with me.’

She followed it up with a tweet showing off her engagement ring…

…but last month’s graph of her husband-to-be’s downswing was worth a little joke as well…

The romance made the headlines last year not so much because it’s two poker players falling in love, but rather how Marle Cordeiro advertised her requirements for a beau.

Her vlog in October 2018, entitled ‘Looking for a poker pro boyfriend’, went viral. Marle stated of her search:

“It gets frustrating as I can barely find one in Vegas that I haven't dated. Being one of the only girls in poker in Vegas is a tough life.”

A year or so later and she had bagged her boy, journalism graduate turned online poker pro and TwitchTV streamer Ben ‘Spraggy’ Spragg…

The congratulations poured in for one of poker’s nicest couples, and PokerTube would like to join the community in wishing them congratulations and all the very best wishes.

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