Poker Pro Accused of $170,000 Bitcoin Scam

1 year ago
Poker Pro Accused of $170,000 Bitcoin Scam
04 Mar

English poker pro Lynne Beaumont has accused US pro Terik (Tizzy) Brown of being “a thief and/or a conman”, claiming that the Vegas man owes her almost four Bitcoin – which would be worth roughly $170,000 at today’s prices.

Beaumont, who splits her time between Vegas and the UK and has almost $600,0000 in Hendon Mob results, decided to out Brown on the ‘Mixed Game Poker in Vegas’ Facebook page.

She began a lengthy tale of woe by stating:

“I have been putting off posting this for some months now, as I know once the world knows what a thief and/or a con-man Terik (Tizzy) Brown is, I will probably have lost any chance of getting the money that he has owed me for some 16 months now.”
What follows is a story in which Beaumont claims she invested “almost $40k” with Brown in 2019 for cryptocurrency trading,after meeting him several times at the Vegas poker tables.

However, a few months later, Brown became hard to pin down, and with her investment having fallen to $27k Beaumont tried to cash out, and that’s where the problems began.

“Three times he has agreed to make regular payments to settle the debt. So far I have received one payment. In December 2020, he finally paid 0.0805 BTC (approx $1500 at the time). And then he blocked me again.”

Beaumont provided the FB poker group with screenshots of several messages between her and Brown that appeared to confirm her story.

With Bitcoin by then trading at just under $12k, Brown could have repaid Beaumont for under $50k. However, the price of Bitcoin has shot up since then, reaching $50k a few weeks ago before dropping slightly to its current $43k price.

Another screenshot shows Brown trying to palm Beaumont off by asking her to wait for the price to break $20k, Beaumont replying:

“You PROMISED I would get it when it hit $11,800!”

Beaumont stated of Brown:

“Frankly, he has sold his soul for $27k - almost 4 BTC. That is now worth over $200k. I feel genuinely very sick about this. This should be a very exciting time for me, and he has spoiled that. This money is incredibly significant to me.”

Terik Brown has more than 100 cashes totalling $397,304 on Hendon Mob, all from low-to-mid-stake tournaments in Las Vegas.

His LinkedIN profile states he has been a Business Development Manager for ‘Bank of Crypto’ since September 2019, apparently based in the Greater Seattle area. Among previous work he was a marketing executive for for 8 years.

Beaumont claims she has spoken to members of Brown’s family members who told her they had to bail him out from several failed businesses in the past.

She also writes:

“Mutual friends tell me he owes money all over Vegas. When they suggest he contacts me, he tells them I am a "crazy bitch" who has tried to extort his family and is spreading lies about him.”
On her FB post, Beaumont says she has “witnesses too who met him with me that are happy to confirm,” her account and adds a warning for the poker and crypto communities.

“DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN. It is hard to come to any other conclusion other than he is a thief and/or a conman.”

PokerTube have attempted to contact Terik Brown and will be happy to put his side of the story.

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