Polk, Mo and Mizzi in Twitter Cheating Spat

3 years ago
Polk, Mo and Mizzi in Twitter Cheating Spat
25 Jun

Wading into a debate on ‘poker ethics’ with Doug Polk was probably one of the least clever moves Sorel Mizzi has made recently, the self-confessed cheat getting quickly burned when he commented on Doug’s recent YouTube take on the Foxen/Bicknell situation

To set the scene a little for those who haven’t been following the news this past week, Alex Foxen and Kristen Bicknell are an ‘item’ and found themselves in a 3-way battle for the lucrative MSPT Venetian $5k with Aussie pro Kahle Burns.

Despite offering Burns a deal – which he refused – the couple have come in for criticism for allegedly ‘soft-playing’ against each other, one hand in particular being repeatedly dissected, Polk - sporting a ‘fell down the stairs/got it playing basketball’ black eye the latest to give his views on what has been variously described as ‘standard/absolutely normal/collusion/cheating’… take your pick…

It was Polk’s rather strange (to this writer and many others) insistence that Foxen should be shoving his pocket jacks against his girlfriend that led to a fiery spat, Mizzi getting involved…

…and then getting burned not only by Polk’s tweet above, but Polk’s buddy Jason ‘cuntycakes123’ Mo

Sorel ‘1mper1um’ Mizzi’s poker crimes and misdemeanours are well-noted – Chicago Joey Ingram this year discussing almost everything with the Canadian pro – and he wasn’t too phased by the Polk/Mo tag-team attack

With a huge amount of positive stuff going on in the poker world just now, the occasional Twitter fight isn’t going to last long on the front pages, but a general discussion about the Foxen/Bicknell case is certainly useful – Polk’s surprising advice on how to play pocket jacks perhaps less so!

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