Polk Trolls Negreanu in Randall Emmett T-shirt Windup

1 year ago
Polk Trolls Negreanu in Randall Emmett T-shirt Windup
26 May

Despite having barely raised a blind in anger for a long time, former poker player Doug Polk still seems intent on trolling his arch-rival Daniel Negreanu, yesterday using an amusing joke at the expense of Randall Emmett to have a dig at DNegs…

Hollywood producer Randall Emmett, as those following the poker-related news will know, had a very public falling out with 50Cent over an unpaid debt, the story going viral as Emmett pleaded with the rapper to lay off him…

Cue this week and Ali Imsirovic playing a joke on Emmett during a Poker after Dark episode, his t-shirt revealing the words ‘Sorry Fofty’ and ‘$1,000,000’ – the size of Emmett’s debt to his former close friend Curtis James Jackson III, aka 50cent.

It was a direct parody of the now-infamous Polk trolling of Negreanu two years ago, when their feud saw the Upswing Poker man wearing a More Rake is Better t-shirt when sat next to the Canadian PokerStars legend…

The petty squabbling has gone back and forth ever since, KidPoker blocking the CryptoKid on Twitter and neither man passing up a chance to slap the other down…

Back in the Imsirovic/Emmett version of t-shirt gate, and as coincidence would have it the young Bosnian crusher not only out-trolled his table rival, but also sent him to the rails on the bubble. However, it may be some time before we have a winner in the Polk/Negreanu heads-up battle!

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