Negreanu and Polk Twitter Feud Leads to $4million Action!

3 years ago
Negreanu and Polk Twitter Feud Leads to $4million Action!
05 Sep

They are two of the biggest names and the biggest ‘mouths’ in the poker world and this week has seen Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk continue their very witty and, yes, extremely petty, rivalry - while the poker Twitterati audience grabbed their popcorn and wait for the inevitable escalation from snide comments into full-blown Twitter-warfare – then shit got very real!

What ought to have been a simple tweet by ‘dnegs’ of his latest podcast almost instantly turned to something more interesting when Polk offered technical advice, with Negreanu poking Polk in return…

When someone suggested they play heads-up to sort out their long-running ‘differences’, it was the Canadian pokerstar who fired the first real broadside, offering Polk some advice

A big ouch! Right there, Polk having lost badly to ‘Poker Brat’ Hellmuth a couple of weeks ago – a painful experience when big Phil gets bragging rights over hitherto ‘undisputed best heads-up player in the world’ Polk.

The top-level bickering has been an ongoing affair, Polk taking every opportunity to have a pop at Negreanu – such as turning up sporting a ‘More Rake Better’ t-shirt at the WSOP to remind Daniel of his controversial comments defending his PokerStars bosses hugely unpopular money grab…

One person, evidently a fan of both men, wasn’t impressed by the latest slaps in their spat, tweeting…

…but others were finding it more amusing, the ‘handbags at ten paces’ offering the chance for witticisms such as…

Then shit got real

The poker world runs on money, and both Negreanu and Polk have more of it than almost anyone else in the game, so if we can’t have a heads-up showdown, or what would be a hilarious MMA fight-off, the next best thing is seeing which one of them will have to swallow humble pie and hand over huge wads of cash!

Well, hopefully that kind of rivalry won’t make it to their next YouTube offerings, but you can bet your bottom dollar that someone, somewhere has already been asked to take measurements for a purple jacket, Polk or Negreanu almost guaranteed to don it in one of their vlogs depending on the PokerMasters outcome.

And next up? Well, big Phil Hellmuth decided that Negreanu and Polk were arguing about pocket change and stunned even Fedor Holz with his offer…

…and the rest of the poker world is currently looking something like this…

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