Rory Young Beats Antonio Esfandiari at 'Lodden Thinks' at WPT Five Diamond

1 year ago
Rory Young Beats Antonio Esfandiari at 'Lodden Thinks' at WPT Five Diamond
07 Dec

Prop bets of every shape and size have been invented at the live poker table, all within the oulipian confines of the need to be in your seat when the next hand is dealt, and to not disturb the other players who are actually involved in one of the, like, three hands you might see this hour. Few have become as prevalent as Lodden Thinks.

For those of you who don’t follow the Laakfandiari bromance you may have missed the WSOPE episode where they got super-bored and invented the game. The rules are simple: you ask Johnny Lodden a question with a numerical value. Then bid until you agree to an over-under for his answer. Then you bet on it.

To play without Johnny Lodden, you just have to nominate someone to the role.

Young and the Rest 

On day one of the World Poker Tour Five Diamond Classic, Esfandiari found himself being pestered for a one-on-one for all the prestige. Not in poker, the game in which he won a WPT title in this exact tournament back in 2012. No youngster Rory Young wanted to out-think Esfandiari at Lodden Thinks.

The stakes were $1,000 a point, the Lodden: a guy named Brian. The first question: How many women had Young slept with in his life?

Remember the truth doesn’t matter. Just what Lodden thinks.

Esfandiari got the under on 17 and won. Off to a good start. But in Lodden Thinks even the gods can bleed

Based on ‘some very republican things’ that Brian/Lodden had said Esfandiari took over 93 as his bet on what Lodden’s approval rating for Trump would be. He even tried to get $80,000 going in sidebets. It turned out Trump’s approval in the Lodden community is only 25%

Esfandiari Lets Lodden Down

It was a hard fought contest, but by the time Esfandiari bust the $10,000 buy-in tournament everyone else was there to play, Young was up in Lodden Thinks and the game ended.

“I think my Lodden game is pretty on point and [Antonio] is probably the GOAT at that game, and I won a little bit off him, but I think he was very good,” said Young when asked to comment on what really matters. “I think he’s the best at Lodden Thinks that I’ve ever played.”

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