Scott Blumstein Returns To WSOP To Defend His Title

3 years ago
Scott Blumstein Returns To WSOP To Defend His Title
13 Jun

New Jersey resident and last year’s WSOP Main Event Champ, Scott Blumstein is back in Vegas.

Blumstein comes to this year’s WSOP with $8,507,415 in live Hendon Mob-able cashes. The vast majority of that comes from his Main Event with with $457,415 coming from his 49 other, non-Main Event cashes.

Now he’s back to prove his title wasn’t just a fluke roll of the cards. Not that he has ever doubted himself. Never one to be overmodest of his poker abilities, he once claimed to have NLH solved, and this year he reckons he is in better shape than ever. Literally.

Since last year’s Main Event he has shed about fifty pounds just by walking the golf course regularly and changing diet. 

“In general, I think it’s important to be healthy, not just physically but mentally,,” he told interviewers. “I just didn’t feel prepared and I wanted to be in a good spot to come out and not put in quantity, but quality. Play a few tournaments and play them well.”

It also looks like he’s branching out. Having sold some of his action, he went straight into the fray with the $1,500 HORSE and some 2-7 Lowball.

As last year’s champ he’s also been on to commentate in the live streaming booth, adding his voice to the growing roster of commentators who are taking the mic. No doubt we’ll be seeing plenty more of him this summer.

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