Bill Perkins Rejects Scott Blumstein's Weight Loss Prop Bet Offer!

4 years ago
Bill Perkins Rejects Scott Blumstein's Weight Loss Prop Bet Offer!
23 Mar

It’s a rare event when billionaire poker fanatic Bill Perkins turns down a bet, so when he does you can be sure there’s a good reason – as reigning WSOP Main Event champ Scott Blumstein shared on Twitter this week…

Blumstein’s weight issues have been much on his mind recently, the big win last summer – and they don’t come any bigger than the $8,150,000 and gold Main Event bracelet he walked off with – with the New Jersey pro stating:

"A couple weeks before the Main Event, when I was back home, was the most successful I’d ever been as far as getting healthy and losing weight.”

Unfortunately, in some respects at least, “the Main Event got in the way of that”, he explained “so afterward it was more party and celebration. I kind of lost sight of what I needed to do.”

What he needs to do, of course, is take a leaf out of the Jaime Staples book – although without Perkins’ help, the hedge fund manager busy counting his piggy bank change as Staples and brother Matty look set to complete their own amazing weight adventure and take Bill for $150,000

…but this might be easier said than done, the champ’s real estate choices leaving a lot to be desired…

…if his plan is to match Jaime’s stunning transformation…


Not all weight loss bets are a good idea however, with the infamous $2million Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow and Ted Forrest prop bet the prime example.

When Matusow managed to slim down from 250 pounds to a much-healthier 181 pounds, Forrest paid up the $100,000 he owed. Fast forward a few years, and in 2010 the same pair agreed that if Forrest could tip the scales at 140lbs – from a starting stack of 188lbs – then Mike would have to cough up a $million or two!

With the only proviso being that Forrest couldn’t use drugs or amputation to win the bet, he stunned everybody – especially Mike Matusow – when he did just that. However, Mike wouldn’t, or couldn’t pay.

Forrest explained that he “didn't eat for 10 days," in the run-up to the weigh-in, adding:

"Then, I ate the last few days, and that enabled me to win the bet. I ate a kiwi, a tomato and five or six raspberries, which gave me the energy to make the final push and lose the weight."

Although Matusow promised to pay the bet debt off in installments, it’s unclear how much Forrest has ever received.

And if you want to see some of the most amazing prop bet challenges of recent years, check out this article. Walter Fisher might just be the person Scott Blumstein needs to see what those ‘life-changing positives’ Perkins talks about look like!

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