Secret Poker and Drugs Den Discovered in Police Raid

2 weeks ago
Secret Poker and Drugs Den Discovered in Police Raid
10 Nov

Spanish police have discovered an illegal poker room and drug operation hidden behind a food display of a gourmet shop, the raid finding cocaine and space for up to 40 poker players in the raid

The incredible discovery was made in the historical Mediterranean port town of Alicante after the shop had been put under surveillance following a tip-off that something strange was going on.

The Costa Blanca shop gave up its secret poker-room after the police raid found a hidden door behind food shelving, leading to the shop’s cheese and wine cellar.

As well as having space for around 40 players, police reports indicated that 12 packets of cocaine were found during the operation, as well as €420 in cash.

The secretive nature of the games were designed to get around strict Spanish laws on private games, but the recent COVID-19 restrictions made their illicit play more noticeable.

Reports indicate that the host, as yet unnamed, contacted the players via social media, with dozens of players entering the gourmet food shop after hours.

The host has been arrested on charges of operating an unlicensed gambling venue, the sale of drugs and also for endangering public health.

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