Shaun Deeb Blasts Will Kassouf For Hitting On His Wife

3 years ago
Shaun Deeb Blasts Will Kassouf For Hitting On His Wife
21 Jul

Poker needs characters, and both Shaun ‘Slowroll’ Deeb and Wiliam ‘9 high like a boss’ Kassouf certainly qualify, but the pair were at loggerheads yesterday after Deeb dissed the Englishman for, among other things, hitting on his wife at the World Series

Kassouf, a man whose off-the-cuff wordsmithery is legendary and responsible for at least half of all the love and hate he receives, penned the perfect response...

An unrepentant Deeb, however, was struggling to match the Manchester pro when it came to the verbal swordplay, almost immediately resorting to gutter-level insults

Fans of the game, of course, were quickly starting to take sides – but it was soon apparent that even those who dislike Kassouf’s table antics were even less impressed by Deeb’s own behaviour……below just a tiny selection of the dozens in favour of Kassouf…

Kassouf shot to public prominence with his deep run at the 2016 Main Event, taking 17th spot and a $338,288 paycheck, but only after some major ‘disturbances’ at the table, the exchange with Griffin Benger becoming infamous…

Deeb, whose incredible play at the WSOP this year has launched him into the lead in the Player of the Year standings, is notorious for his slowrolling of opponents – something even less endearing to fans of the game than Kassouf’s mouthy exuberance.

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