Shaun Deeb’s Multi-Table Mayhem At The WSOP

4 years ago
Shaun Deeb’s Multi-Table Mayhem At The WSOP
08 Jun

Shaun Deeb was looking to make history today by taking down two bracelets at once. And he came terrifyingly close to doing it. 

Having entered Event #13: Big Blind Ante $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em and Event #14: $1,500 No Limit 2-7 Lowball pretty much by accident having assumed both games would be running in the same room. 

Being down to 25 big blinds in his current tourney he just figured he’s figured he’d stick his cash in on the other two when it started up. Unfortunately he ran good – how often does that phrase come – ending up coming back for day 2 in both... and then again in day 3.

With the lowball getting short handed and the great big big-blind ante coming round again and again at his other table, he found himself dashing between tournament which turned out not to be in the same room but a couple of hundred metres down the corridors of the Rio from each other.

The TD kindly moved the tournaments together to help out after an exhausted and sweaty Deeb put in a request.

There was some additional spice in the form of a controversial slow-rolling of the slow-roller. Deeb tried to call another player out for not just this slowroll but for a somewhat angly use of t the clock. 

Takes one to know one I guess.

In the end Deeb managed to take 3rd in the Lowball and 16th ($11,553) in the NLH.

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